10:32 pm - Fri, Feb 28, 2014
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App Academy: Week 9, Day 5

Is this real life? Today our formal classwork ended! Now, we just have a few weeks of job hunting training, and we’re off into the world again. It’s crazy to think I am already done this program, since I feel like it just began yesterday. And a couple months before that I was traveling around Asia. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt time fly this quickly, but I can say it’s been a great experience and I have learned a TON. http://isthatanygood.com!


10:05 pm - Thu, Feb 27, 2014

App Academy: Week 9, Day 4

Got to work on some pretty cool features today. Now ITAG┬áhas pretty urls courtesy of friendly_id, and there are real-time updates to recent reviews from the Pusher api. One big thing I ran into today was having to set a header for an xhr response when I implemented Pusher. I’m not sure why it changed, but it certainly caused some headaches as I was figuring it out. I had to get my professor’s help and we ended up comparing the responses in the params in the chrome console. Blah!


9:44 pm - Wed, Feb 26, 2014

App Academy: Week 9, Day 3

Social integration! It felt great to implement the social login feature for itag. Now people can log in through Twitter or FB! I feel like my app is becoming more complete with every day. I can’t believe it!


11:10 pm - Tue, Feb 25, 2014
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App Academy: Week 9, Day 2

Ahhhh, javascript! Spent the day tuning up my app so that it didn’t have to make a new request for every action. After seeing a demo of how to create a modal I decided to use that so users can create a review right from the restaurant show page. I also continued to tinker with my CSS and it surprised me how much I have down.


12:39 am

App Academy: Week 9, Day 1

My goodness, week 9! Today I spent my day making CSS edits and refactoring some features and views. After the css assessment I feel a lot better about moving elements around and styling them. I also dusted off my SQL skills to make my queries more efficient. The big takeaway for me today was tacking on “NULLS LAST” to my order by statement, so that restaurants with no ratings didn’t get put above ones that did. Phew!


6:49 pm - Fri, Feb 21, 2014

App Academy: Week 8, Day 5

Welp, wrote a post and had an error while submitting that deleted it! Anyways, my app broke down during presentation today, which was not fun. For some reason it broke on the computer I was demoing on, but then on another computer the app worked find. I think it’s an isolated incident but who knows. On the bright side I was able to implement search with the PGSearch gem and now you can type in a keyword and have results served up (paginated ;). Can’t believe I was able to put this together in a week!


8:50 am

App Academy: Week 8, Day 4

Fun/hair-pulling day of CSS! There are so many options I have nothing but respect for front end dev. It took the day but I think I have a better grasp of it. At least my project isn’t just ugly text and links now.


6:56 pm - Wed, Feb 19, 2014

App Academy: Week 8, Day 3

Finished all of the features I wanted today! First I made it so restaurants can have photos and have them show up in the search. Then worked on users’ ability to follow other users and “upvote” user reviews by clicking a “COOL!” button. I also put in a feature to let people ‘search’ for restaurants in cities by food type. Now I’m jumping into HTML/CSS and trying to get everything to look pretty. Styling is still something that trips me up, but hopefully I can get everything ready for Friday.


11:08 pm - Tue, Feb 18, 2014

App Academy: Week 8, Day 2

Let’s go, http://itag.co! Today I was able to implement some more features to my app, including favoriting places, browsing cities, and sorting by review rating. I also deployed my app to heroku and got an Amazon S3 service up and running so users can upload a photo for their profile picture. Hopefully tomorrow I can allow users to upload photos to restaurants.


8:09 pm - Mon, Feb 17, 2014

App Academy: Week 8, Day 1

Is it really time for us to begin our final project?! I can hardly believe that eight weeks ago I couldn’t even make a simple Ruby program, and now I’m replicating yelp.com. Today I worked on building out the features for the MVP entirely in Ruby on Rails. I was able to get most of the functionality down, which I was pretty confident in doing. The part that worries me is when I start integrating Javascript and Backbone and making sure I don’t break everything. Also design… hmmm… we’ll see!


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